Sunday, July 22, 2012


I'm really surprised, because a week has already passed since I updated this blog. This week the temperature changed a lot.   It was a scorching hot day with temperatures over 35 degrees C, on the other hand, these two days it is under 20 degrees C. I'm busy to wear a sleeveless T-shirt, or to wear a little bit thick sweater.
This week fortunately I had lots of things to do, and now I'm really happy to have done all of them without trouble.
Yesterday (on Saturday), I went to TOKYO to meet my mother. We met at TOKYO station and went to a department. We browsed through the department and had a good lunch.

On Thursday and Friday,  I went to nursery schools to read English picture books. All kids seem to have enjoyed with me.  The nursery school I went on Friday, was the first visit for me. So I was a little bit nervous before going there. Both jobs are non-paying jobs, they are volunteer work. But I'm happy to see smile of kids and teachers. And I also happy to be asked to do such a work.
To tell the truth, I sometimes think whether such a volunteer work is my hobby or my job. I sometimes think what is volunteer work. Actually I earn some money to teach English at home, and for me reading English picture books is one way to teach English. So it's difficult to draw a line between a job and a volunteer work. But anyway I enjoy reading English picture books to others, and through this activity I got to know a lot of people in different areas.
On Wednesday I had lessons all day long.
On Tuesday I did a workshop.The thema was " Sweets and English picture books for adults". My friend made sweets that suited the picture books I selected.About 15 people came, who were interested Enlighs picture books or my volunteer activity.

Today I have nothing to do special, just clean the rooms (or you can say it is the most important thing I have to do), and go groserly shooping. And tonight Yuki will come back from America. (Now he is on the airplane.)
So I said "I'm happy to spend last week without troubles."

P.S A blog friend told me that she was not able to put any comments here. Is it true? Luckly some friends gave some comments on this blog. I don't change any setting of this blog. I'm glad to get some comments.


Anonymous said...

The "presentation" of Japanese food is always stellar!

PS...I find the security code to be a little annoying because the word is so difficult to read. There are other simple ones available..just a a simple math (what is 2+5) that are far easier. Just a suggestion.

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comments. I didn't know that the security code seemd to be difficult to read. Before showing comments on the blog, I always check whether they are spam or not. So Such a security code might not be needed.