Thursday, July 12, 2012


Today, it's rainy. Sometimes it gets a driving rain. So the windows are getting dirtier and dirtier. I decide that during a rainy season I don't clean the windows. (though, I seldom clean the windows.)
Yesterday it was hot. And this sudden coolness and rain cause me a slight headache. What a bummer! Anyway in one hour I have to go out.

Last Tuesday it was the day for KARAKU, where I play the piano once a month. Coincidentally a chorus women's group were there. As soon as I started playing some Japanese classical songs, they started singing together. Other two single guests were also there, and they were smiling to listen to them. Thanks to the group, everybody there must have felt connected through our music. I was really happy to share that moment.
Having sweets after my performance is one of my happiest moments.

Yesterday my adult lesson was canceled, so I went out for lunch with my friend. The owner renovated her house into a restaurant. The menu was illustrated by herself. How cute!
This is a set of boiled food. The dish is like this.

My friend went to Korea recently. To tell the truth Yuki and I are thinking about travel to Korea. So her talking was really useful to me. Have you ever been to Korea?

If you have bee to Korea, or live in Korea, I'd like to hear your suggestion.

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