Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tomato herb comport

Yesterday I got a big tomato in the evening. I thought it would be difficult to eat whole of it at once with Yuki and me.  So I tried to make tomato comport, but unfortunately I didn't have white wine. I thought SAKE might be used instead of white wine--- but before doing it I started browse the Internet. I found an interesting recipe, which is "tomato herb comport".

The ingredients are like this.
  water about  2 or 3 cups
  honey 1/2 cup
  fresh spear mint   10 stalks
  fresh lemon grass     5 stalks
  fresh oregano            6 stalks
Fortunately I grow spearmint, and lemon grass, but unfortunately I don't have oregano, so I use dried oregano, and use fresh SHISO-leaves which is in the same SHISO group as oregano plant.

Put all ingredients in the pot, and boil them. On the other hand, I soaked a tomato in the hot water, and peel its skin. After that I put it in the comport liquid pot and simmer for a few minutes.

I keep the pot cool in the fridge  at night.

What a wonderful breakfast is, today! Additionally this bagel was baked by my friend "HATOKO-san". Thanks HATOKO-san.

I hope Jan and Tracey see this blog.  And Now I'm making jelly with the rest of comport liquid.

This is the jelly I made.


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