Sunday, August 26, 2012

Festivals in Utsumoniya

Next week school will start, so this weekend is the last summer vacation for kids.
Yesterday in Utsunomiya there were many but small events in the evening.
Yuki and I went out to the main street by bus.

In front of a big department store, BON-ODORI dance party was held.
In the main shopping street, there was a big Jazz concert for free. (Do you know that Utsunomiya has a catch phrase of "a town of Jazz", and of course another catch phrase is "a town of GYOZA".)
And along the river there was a "marche", which was temporary markets corner. And a small concert was also held.

And at some art galleries, they open night gallery with candles.

We enjoyed browsing holding a glass of beer (Yuki) or a glass of iced coffee (Mieko) in one hand. And we came back our home by bus at night.

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