Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer vacation has started -1-

Ten-day summer vacation has started.
Yuki and I are in Utsunomiya the first half of the week, then we'll go to Tokyo and Korea. Unfortunately our younger daughter couldn't take summer vacation, so we won't able to see her, but we'll to go Korea with our elder daughter.

Well on Sunday a big tea event was hold in Utsunomiya. Of course I went there. We could taste more than 50 kinds of tea. Lots of tasting made me satisfied and my stomach "TAPOTAPO", which is an onomatopoeia and sounds like tapping a soft belly.
We also got tea-smoothie.
I learnt something about tea there.
So I tried to make "plum tea" at home. Probably raspberry tea is popular. I kept frozen plum in the fridge, so instead of raspberries I used plums. "Perfect".

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