Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer vacation in Korea

How was your summer vacation? Now every thing has returned usual.
Yuki, our elder daughter T and I went to Korea, unfortunately our younger daughter didn't take days-off in this season.

When we arrived in Korea, the scenery looked like Japan except characters.
Anyway our busy tour started, because our free day was only one day.
First we visited a palace where Korea king's family used to live.
We had BIBINPA and REIMEN , which are typical Korean food , for lunch.

And we visited a Korean town where there were lots of art galleries and cafes. T seemed really enjoyed visiting galleries, and of course I enjoyed visiting a cafe though I only visited one cafe.

and of course we had Korean YAKINIKU for dinner, which was a purpose of Yuki.

After dinner we climbed up Soul tower.

And on the way back to hotel we got Korea massage.
It was a busy tour. Next morning we went back to Tokyo.


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