Saturday, August 25, 2012

Summer vacation with Leah

Leah, who is a French girl, and had stayed with us for a while two years ago as an exchange student, came to Utsunomiya to enjoy her summer vacation. This time she stayed with us for four days. First she came to Japan, she couldn't speak Japanese. After one year passed, her Japanese improved very well. Now she is studying Japanese and French to become a French teacher in Japan at college in France. So her Japanese is getting better. This time we talked each other in Japanese.

I took her to take a work shop to make TONBO-DAMA , which is a big glass ball, and we make through lamp work.

Then I took her to a house of my friend, who is art teacher, drew this.
And the final is "here it is"---- the most suitable seasonal sweet "KAKIGORI".
This ice is not usual ice, it is NIKKO (it is the name of a place) natural ice, which means the ice is frozen spring water naturally.

We enjoyed this summer in UTSUNOMIYA together.

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