Thursday, August 30, 2012

You sould praise three things and scold one thing

I read an interesting article in the newspaper. These days people who can't scold not only kids but also subordinates are increasing. If a boss scolded his or her subordinate, he or she might be accused of power harassment. So many managers take coaching lesson how to scold gently.
In my generation it used to be usual to be scolded by someone (parents, teachers, managers), but these days here and there we hear "Before scolding you should praise. It is a good way to raise kids. Don't scold them." And these days people who are not used to be scolded seem to increase.
While these days people are not good at scolding someone. Sometimes they confuse with these words, scold, yell, and warn.
Anyway I'm not good at praising and scolding someone. I'd like to take such a coaching lesson if I had a chance.

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