Monday, September 17, 2012

A wonderful concert

Last Saturday Yuki and I went to a concert. This time it was a trio concert consisting with a piano, drums, and a bass. The pianist was Yamashita Yousuke, who was almost 70, the drummer was almost 60.
Their music gave me lots of energy. I wonder where they keep their enthusiasm for music. I was really impressed.

This time we went to the down town by bus, it means we (mainly Yuki) was able to drink.
So before the concert we dropped by a wine-bar, and had a light dinner.

Well, last Tuesday, it was the day for me to play the piano at KARAKU tea room.  There were some customers to listen to me. Though I'm not a pro pianist, I played hard, carefully, and calmly as much as I could. Performing in such a place as KARAKU gives me energy. But to perform, I need to practice. For me it is difficult to keep practicing constantly. Sometimes it's troublesome.

Classical music makes me thoughtful.
Jazz music makes me positive.
Music is wonderful, isn't it?

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