Friday, September 14, 2012


From this Saturday we have a three-day weekend in Japan, I'm thinking what I'll do. Because of going to clinic most of every day, the pain of my neck is getting healed little by little.
Yesterday, I went to clinic and to go to gym. I didn't use machines that trained muscles of necks, shoulders. I used the others that trained lower body.

This Wednesday a lady who were from South Africa came to teach English to me. ( I decided to take her private lesson twice a month to have opportunities to speak English, and to improve my speaking skill.) We talked about clinics in Japan.

When we cut somewhere, we go to "GEKA", which is a surgery clinic.
When we break legs or somewhere, we go to "SEIKEI GEKA" , which is an orthopedic surgery clinic.
When we strain or twist somewhere, we go to an orthopedic surgery cinic or "SEKKOTSU IN", which is bone-setter.
When we have an ache on somewhere, we go to "SEITAI IN", which is a kind of massage clinic which does acupucnture or acupressure. And at some (or most) SEITAI IN, we don't get covered service.
At SEKKOTSU IN and SEITAI IN, we get Asian treatmeant.
How about  in your country?

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