Monday, September 10, 2012


Now I've just come back from --- an acupressure & massage clinic nearby.
Since Thursday my neck pain has got worse little by little, so I decided to go there instead of workout. After the treatment now I "can" turn up my neck, even though I feel pain.  Once or twice a year this symptom occurs to me, and sometimes it causes a bad headache. Fortunately this time I don't have headache yet.

This weekend I went to art galleries.
At one gallery, the exbition of YAMASHITA KIYOSHI was held.

The other was an exhibition manged by young ladies who graduated BUSEI art college where is in Utsunomiya. The works are "fresh", "young" and powerful.

A new week has started. Tomorrow is the day for playing the piano at KARAKU.
I don't have lessons  at night, so for a while I'll take a rest. Let's enjoy this week.

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