Tuesday, September 04, 2012


I know there are too many things for the capacity of my house. Open space must be the most luxury in this house. To tell our excuse, we have many interesting things like musics ( so we have a piano, guitars, bass), sports (so we have tennis rackets, two bags of golf clubs), English ( so I have lots of books)  even though we don't have a storage room.
Anyway I 've kept throwing away ten things (including tiny things) every day. Today I threw 7 old instruction handbooks of appliances which we don't use yet now and 3 direct mail postcards.

The other day on the news paper some people posted about "organizing". They were interesting. I'll show you.
person 1"Anyway I'll throw away".
person 2 "I won't put things away, I'll use them to put things I see."
person 3 "I invite someone to my house regularly, so I have to organize our house"
person 4 "when I buy one new thing, I throw away one thing that is not used for more than two years."
person 5 "I store all photos in the PC, don't print them, just keep some printed photos."

Anyway I have to keep throwing away ten things. Well, well it's time for the last lesson today.

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