Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Outdoor Activities

1,What kinds of sports have you tried?
 I've "tried" ping-pong, swimming, KARATE, tennis, squash (indoor tennis?), ski,and so on. Now I try to go to workout at least once a week, and sometimes play golf at a golf range.

2,What sports are you interested in now?
I'm a little bit interested in golf, because Yuki plays golf. I'd like to have common sports to enjoy with him.

3,What sports would you try from now?
If I had a chance I'd like to try horse riding.

4, What sports equipment do you own?  What sports equipment would you like to have?
Once I used to have many kinds of equipments, such as ski, skate, tennis rackets, ping-pong racket, bathing suits, snorkel and fins, and so on.
Now I have a set of golf.
I'd like to have a bathing suit

5, What are your favorite outdoor foods?
In summer I like to eat a whole  salty cucumber. In winter I like to have hot AMAZAKE, which is sweet a drink made from fermented rice, with ginger.

6, What flower or vegetable would you like to try to grow at home.
I'd like to grow tomatoes, eggplants, OKRA, such as summer usual vegetables, but it's difficult to let let them bear. So I grow herbs, like basil, Shiso, and so on which are really useful as spice.

Do you have any more questions about outdoor activities?

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