Thursday, September 27, 2012


Now it's noon. I've already had lunch alone. What lunch are you going to or did you have today? My lunch was the rest of today's breakfast. Not bad.
In the morning I would have gone to work out, but I changed my mind. I started weeding. Until last Friday definitely it had been summer, not suddenly it has been fall.

I said to myself " you did a good job". --- I was wearing a long sleeve shirt, covered my neck with a towel, was wearing gloves, of course wearing long pants. And before weeding I used bug splay. But -- I was bitten by mosquitoes lots! Do you know that people whose blood type "O" are easy to be bitten by mosquitoes.
And I did too much, so suddenly it's getting dark. It looks like rain.
Do you know that it is said that after someone would do unusual things, rain comes?

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