Monday, October 01, 2012


How was your weekend?
As expected, typhoon came, and left. Fortunately we had no damage.
This Saturday in the afternoon Yuki and I "did" house chores. We changed the summer carpets in the rooms into winter carpets. Actually it is fall (though it's hot today.)
On Saturday night we went to a private concert hall to listen to a young Jazz man, whose name was HAKUEI-KIM. It sounds like a Korean, but he grew up in Japan, and studied music in Sidney for 11 years.Yuki said "He is really influenced by Keith Jarrett!"
There were about 50 people. We really enjoyed the concert, and we love the private concert hall.

On Sunday, Yuki went to play golf. I went out in the down town alone.
I attended a talk show, where a famous socialist talked about how to enjoy this aged society.
Her name is Keiko-Higuchi. I didn't know that she is 80 years old.
Though you might be surprised to hear that, first I would have hesitated to attend it alone. But anyway I went there. And I was so surprised most of participants came alone.
She said "Of course women have to be independent, and senior people also have to be independent."

She also said " we are in the place no one has ever been, we are the first generation who live in this aged society. We don't have aged culture, so every one's daily life is making a new aged culture."

I was listening to her talk with a wry smile. Her age is between my mother's and my mother-in-law's.
I don't listen to two lady's talk well, but I listened to Keiko's talk show hard.

At the night typhoon came, and passed.
Let's enjoy this week.

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