Monday, October 15, 2012


It's sunny, and cool morning. In my garden SYUMEGIKU has started blooming.

Yesterday I attended a meeting which is organized by 30-year old lady. The attenders were three ladies in their 30's, two men in their 30's, 70-year old man, and me Their common thing is that all of them are working people (except me), even the 70-year old man is still working. He runs his own company.
And another common thing including me is that their hobby is English.

Though it's difficult to tell you concretely, the atmosphere was completely different from the housewife's meetings or mother's meetings. I felt all of them were completely independent. And they tried to share fun with others. Probably housewives and mothers are eager to share fun with their family. Their eyes always are on their family. On the other hand single people always look outside to do something with others.Though I couldn't speak English fluently as usual, I enjoyed the meeting.

To tell the truth I'm giving up to improve my speaking skill. On the other hand, I bear the title of "Kid's English teacher". So I "have to " speak English more fluently.
It's my big stress.

Anyway Monday has started. Let's enjoy this week.


Anonymous said...

You are too hard on yourself, Mieko! Your English is very good. Sometimes you struggle finding the PRECISE word, but the point is you know them! Your vocabulary is extemely good...and I think verb construction in ANY language is difficult. It was my downfall in learning/speaking fluent Spanish! You are doing the correct much contact with English-speaking friends as much as possible. Keep up the good work! (We need to talk more on Skype to fault.) Jan

Mieko said...

Thanks Jan.
These days it sometimes difficult for me to talk something meaningful and logical even in Japanese. And when I try to talk something in English, the order of words is completely different from the Japanese order. So I often get lispy.
I love to talk with you.