Monday, October 08, 2012


According to the calendar, today is the last day of three-day weekends in Japan, though Yuki goes to work.
How was your weekend? Did you enjoy it?
On Saturday we went to a "ventriloquial show" (,which is the latest word I've learnt).

Have you ever seen a ventriloquial show? It is excellent and unbelievable.
Why he or ventriloquist can do that?

On Monday we went to NASU where it takes one hour from here by car. We thought it might be crowded. So we left here before 7 AM. Of course one reason why we left early is to avoid the traffic jam, and another important reason is---- to enjoy breakfast at a popular restaurant.

The restaurant opens at 8. We got there around 8. Some people were already waiting. When we got out there, many people were waiting in line.
After that we went to a small art festival.
We really enjoyed the places. Around noon, we went back to Utsunomiya. As our expectation the road from Utsunomiya to NASU was really crowded at that time.
We had a good weekend.
Well, today I'm enjoying my holiday. What am I going to do? Anyway I have to organize the house.


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