Thursday, October 04, 2012

Outdoor Activities 2

There are three questions. If I get your comments, I'm very happy.
1. What is the most exciting sports event you have bee to?
    What was the most exciting moment? Did you tell others about it?
2. What is the most expensive ticket price you have paid to see a live event?
    Was it worth it?
3. What is the biggest crowd you have ever been in?

1. I've been to watch a pro baseball game only once. Though I was not a big fan of both team, cheering a team with big fans was exciting. When a batter hit a home run, it was the most exciting moment. As soon as I came home I told about the game to my mother. Because she was a big baseball fan, and even now.

2. I've been to SUZUKA where is the west of Nagoya to watch F1 race only once. Yuki and I won the ticket. The ticket price was expensive for us at that time, and the travel cost using SHINKANSEN was also expensive for as at that time. Of course it was one day trip.
Now I can say "it is worth". Because if we went to see F1 again, we have to go abroad.

3 Though every summer festival is crowded, when I went to the summer festival in the city, suddenly  we had a big rain. So all people who were outside ran into the arcade. The arcade was so crowd that I felt to be difficult to breathe in. And I got sick.


Anonymous said...

I have been to several professional sport, football, golf tournaments, etc. But, the most exciting was attending the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, GA. My niece and I attended 9 events, the largest being the track and field events. You can see these things better on TV but there's nothing that can duplicate the excitement and the reactions of the crowds around you. Jan

Mieko said...

Thanks Jan,
I really understand what exciting events they were. Even when I watched the pro baseball gaim, I was really excitied to share the atomsphere. Thanks to you I learned the phrase "there's nothing that can duplicate the excitement ---".

Atroxell Mendoza said...

When I was in elementary we used to do outdoor activities in the province and when I read your post it flash back on my mind. Glad I found your work. Thank you.