Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Today it's rainy and cool. A new week has already started.
Do you use a schedule book? I used to use one, when my daughters were with us.
There was a report on today's news paper, which is written how to use time effectively. They recommend to use a schedule book which is separated by an hour. If you use such one, you can manage time by an your effectively. Actually my husband uses such type.

Well, well, in my case, it's enough for me to have one additional thing on regular lessons. So I don't need such kind of schedule book. I use a monthly calender, and write down one additional event on it. I try not to put more than three events on it.

Tuesday; our club meeting
Wednesday; lessons all day long
Thursday; English activity at a nursery school
Friday; English activity at a nursery school
Saturday; work shop in IMAICHI (where it takes one hour from here Utsunomiya by car)
Sunday; going to a festival with my friend
Monday; English school meeting all day long

I need to take a rest between coming home and starting lessons. so I didn't have time last week to go to work out. (This is what I want to say, not an excuse.)

On Wednesday in the lesson, we enjoyed cooking Halloween cake.
On Saturday in IMAICHI I had a good lunch.
On Sunday, the festival was fun.
I took a friend who was from GABON there. The festival was about agriculture. For her it was the first time to see a real tractor. She seemed to be so excited to get in it.
On Monday, before meeting Yuki and I had a good breakfast at a hotel near Utsunomiya station. Yuki had to go to Tokyo on business, and I had to attend a meeting from early morning, so I skipped to cook breakfast at home.

Well, today I'll go out to attend a workshop about "MIND MAP". It sounds interesting, doesn't it?

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