Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We are in the fall . -2-

My friend came to my house with a big present.
In her garden, it is the best season for grapes, and YUZU citron.
This year she and her friends made YUZU-KOSYOU, which is paste of YUZU citron and pepper. There are two types, red one and green one.
This year she got an order from a famous stake house in Utsunomiya. Her YUZU-KOSYOU is getting popular among restaurants here little by little.

Last Sunday I attended a Toast Master's meeting. The topic of table speeches are autumn of sports, autumn of foods, and autumn of reading. In Japan the season of autumn is described with foods, reading, sports.

What foods do you enjoy in autumn?
Yuki and I ate grilled SHITAKE mushroom and roasted ginkgo nuts.
Last year we couldn't eat mushrooms because we were afraid of cesium contamination from FUKUSHIMA nuclear power station. This year the level of cesium recovers to the usual level. So we are able to enjoy mushrooms. MATUSTAKE mushroom is the most famous and expensive mushroom in Japan. We can buy one or two MATUTAKE mushrooms but we chose quantity so we enjoy eating a lot of fresh SHITAKE mushrooms.

What sports do you enjoy especially in autumn?
Sorry I don't like sports very much, but I do walking the most in autumn. And I want to increase my body strength to get through this winter. I try to go to work out more -- at least twice a week.

What books do you read recently?
I've just read this book.
Every body seems to be interested in the election of  the president in the US. Even in Japan I see the news. I don't support both of them, but I'm interested in the result.

How are you enjoying this autumn?

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