Monday, October 29, 2012

We are in the fall.

A new week has already started. How was your weekend?
Early Saturday morning Yuki and I went to Nikko to see autumn leaves. We left home at 6am, arrived RYUZU fall at 7:40 am and came home at 9 am.
We took some photos, and had AMAZAKE which is sweet drink made from fermented rice.  Nikkko was very cold so AMAZAKE warmed ourselves.
Why we left  home so early? Because this season the road to Nikko is very crowded, we wanted to avoid the traffic.
Why we came home so early? Because Yuki had a tennis lesson from 10 am . He didn't want to cancel it. (Actually while Yuki was taking lesson, I was working out at gym).

In the evening, there was a small festival downtown in Utsunomiya, We went out there by bus.

It was a cold night. So we ate Hot TOFU. Yuki drank beer and wine. I tasted sangria. It was "delicious". I don't drink  red wine much, but this sangria was really good, not too sour, not too sweet, not too strong.
Both of us got cheerful mood with drink, and came home by bus --- and went to bed. The day started very early and finished also early.


Helen said...

Your picture of Nikko looks lovely! I went to Nikko but it was a long time ago. I should ask my husband to take me again, maybe next year!

My husband never remembers small festivals, and I can't read Japanese well enough to find them! It sounds like you had a good time at the one near you.

Mieko said...

Autumne is the best season to visit NIKKO, on the other hand the traffic is the worst season in NIKKO. So if you are availalbe, you would visit NIKKO on weekdays. On the way from NIKKO, you must drop by UTSUNOMIYA, so we will be able to see each other.

The festival was held in Utsunomiya. These days every weekend, we have festivals. So I really enjoy autumn.

Jan Collova said...

My first visit to you and Utsunamiya was in October and I was very fortunate to see Nikko with it's lovely Fall colors! It is very much like our New England states with the low mountains and Fall leaf changing season. It, too, is perhaps the most popular time of year to visit there. Here it is already November and in South Carolina we are just beginning to get Fall color, but there are still lots of green trees yet. Jan

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comment. Since your fist visit to Japan, about 8 or 9 years have passed. Thanks to meeting you, my world spread. Thanks to you Yuki and I were able to visit your country. I really owe you big time. Well, we have to organize a trip to HOKKIADOU. When are you going to come to Japan next year?