Tuesday, November 13, 2012

After reading a book

I've just finished reading a book. The author is a Japanese woman who is a person of my own age. I like reading because sometimes books evoke my sympathy, and clear what I'm thinking.

The author said in the book;
Women are brought up from a baby to an adult without pressure of becoming a member of society or becoming independent. On the other hand men are brought up under the pressure which is that they have to be independent, and become a member of society.

I definitely agree with her. Is it a Japanese thinking way?

And I thought that;
women are brought up naturally with a picture of having a baby. It means women thinks naturally about their marriage and their future family. Of course women don't have to have a baby, so I add the word naturally.

So for men work is the most important thing and for women family is the most important thing.


Jan Collova said...

An interesting topic, Mieko. I would say that the concept of an American woman staying home and being a mother is decades old here. Unfortunately, that roles is SCORNED (there's that word again!) by vocal, liberal groups here and a woman is often pressured to have a career equal to a man, to financially contribute equally and basically turn the raising of any children over to others. Many feel that has been the cause of many social problems and the distruction of the family unit here; and others (especially women) see it as liberation from expectation of the role of women. My pesonal feeling: if women want a career then choose it and do not have children. If you want children, then stay home and be a mother to them. Jan

Mieko said...

Thanks Jan for your comments. I understand the feeling that women want to persure their career. As you know I visit some nursery schools, and wonder staying at home as a mother is so boaring? so scorend?
And of course it is one choice not to have children. But it is too sad.
On the other hand it's trume both mothers and fathers "have to" work to live, not only fathers these days.