Friday, November 23, 2012

cleaning time at school

If you have a chance to visit a Japanese school, one of surprising things is probably "cleaning time". At most schools in Japan, students clean their classrooms, hallways, the ground, the garden and even toilets.
Why? Today I found an interest report in the newspaper.
Roles of cleaning time
1, Organizing the cleaning procedure, and cleaning effectively help to grow children's ability to plan and sense of achievement.
2, They show more interest in cleanliness condition, find proper cleanliness level, and learn how to tidy up.
3, They acquire the attitude to take care of things, and make effort not to generate waste.
4. People feel good in a clean place, so cleaning somewhere for someone raises their emotion to do
 something for someone even though no one knows who did it.
5,Cleaning up give them a feeling of accomplishment.
6. They learn communication skills, how to share the roles, and understand the responsibility through cleaning in a group.
7,Cleaning somewhere in a set period time gives them concentration, and makes them punctual.

What do you think of them? I hope all sentences make sense.

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