Monday, November 12, 2012


A new week has started. How was your weekend?
I went to TOKYO to meet my daughters. Here is TOKYO station. After long reconstruction work, it showed up entirely. This building is one of historical buildings in Japan.
My two daughters and I had lunch at MARU building in front of the station. Then my elder daughter and I went to GINZA. First we visited a gallery where her teacher was holding her exhibition.

Then we dropped in Harrods tea room at Ginza Mitsukoshi department store.
After so long I had Harrods scorn  scone, though I have never eaten Harrods scorn  sconein the UK. These days we see various kinds of scorn scone. I don't know when scone showed up in Japan, anyway when I was a child, they didn't appear yet. Anyway in my image classical scone is Harrods scone. I was really satisfied with having it.

On Sunday I went to a cafe gallery in Utsunomiya. An American craft potter were holding his exhibition.  He made really sensitive potteries. I really enjoyed seeing them, though I couldn't afford to buy one.


Jan Collova said...

English lesson: the pastry is called SCONE, not scorn.
Scorn is a negative word meaning contempt (often very indignant, mocking dislike)for something or someone.
I just had a scone last week that had dried cranberries in it. Did you like it? Jan

Mieko said...

Thanks for your suggestion. I could learn it. I sometimes baked scone, my scone is like something between pie and cookie. Harrods cone is like something between cupcake and cookie, soft and moist bread. If I were with you, I could have had the scone with you.