Monday, November 19, 2012


A new week has started. How was your weekend? Unfortunately I was not so good, so most of time I was reading "Japanese books" in the bed. When a season changes, I often suffer dizziness.
Last night we had cheese fondu simply using the things in the fridge. It made us warm.

This morning I'm so-so, but probably I won't go to workout.
When I was in the bed, I noticed the places that I had to clean. It's funny, because when I'm busy I don't notice such things. In Japan December is Winter cleaning month. I want to do "winter cleaning"little by little, such as clean up the shelves, an air fan, etc. Cleaning the windows is Yuki's job, probably he will do on 29 December, before my mother comes to stay with us.

After I finish morning chores, I'll lie down for a while. Have a nice day. And let's enjoy this week.

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