Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Since I updated this blog, one week has passed.
Today the news of the president election in the US goes on air successively in Japan. An interesting thing to me is that in the US the politic situation depends on the president. Though it's not a good thing, I'm afraid that I feel in Japan our politic situation must not be changed a lot by the Prime Minister. And another interesting thing is that Mr.Obama broke  racial barriers, and Romney tries to break the religion barriers. (I'm not familiar with Christian religion.)

Last weekend Yuki and I went to listen a classical concert. It was a full orchestra. I like to watch and listen to the drums, the timpani, and other percussion. Our seats were on the third floor, it cost 1000 yen each. It's not bad.

On the other hand in downtown, Jazz music festival was held in down town last week.  We dropped in the town.

Well, in the previous blog I showed Yuzu-kosyou. We are enjoying them. They suit to pot-food, hot soup, grilled meat, and grilled fish.

What foods are you enjoying in this season?


Jan Collova said...

Apples and pears are fall fruits here. I bought two bags of apples today and plan to slice and dehydrate them over the weekend. Various types of winter squash are also ready now..there are well over 70 types...with pumpkins perhaps the most famous. I used several pumpkins in my Fall decorations but probably will not try to cook and use's more cost-effective to just buy it canned! The large pumpkins used for Halloween are not the best for cooking...the smaller ones, often called sugar pumpkins or pie pumpkins are much better for that. Jan

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comment, Jan. I knew canned pumpkin from you. Here in Japan it's not familier, though I found one at a import shop once. We use sweet potatoes more than pumpkins.