Saturday, December 29, 2012

Winter vacation has started.

All jobs for this year has done without problems. And my another job as a mother or a daughter has started. At first I cleaned a room and organize it for my mother. She'll come here from tomorrow.
She'll stay with us just two days, That's why we have lots of things to do together.
Though she lives in Tokyo, she doesn't go out by train, because of stairs. When she comes here, she loves to go out to a department store, a hot spring, "by car". She has some favorite spots here, but for only tow days it's difficult to go to all of them. So I already went to one of her favorite shops
 and bought this, which is good to eat with rice. The shops is called "TOCHIGI souvenir shop" which deals with lots of TOCHIGI's products.

I bought lots of vegetables from a farmer directly. Yuki and I'll take her back to TOKYO by car on the New Year's day, so she can come back easily with vegetables. 

Most of family must have special feast at New Year. We celebrate the New year at Yuki's mother's house, so I don't need to cook it. Cooking it is my sister-in-law's job.(Thanks Mayumi san). I'll bake cakes.
Anyway for a while I'll enjoy house chores for my family. It's the time to start cleaning.


Linda Wright said...

Here in the USA, we like to have a party on New Year's Eve, and count down to midnight, then kiss our husbands/wives and toast the new year with champagne while singing "Auld Lang Syne". On New Year's Day, we watch a parade on television (it is in California and we are in South Carolina). We have the tradition of eating black eye peas, greens, and pork and then watching American football games.

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comment Linda. You,American really like to have a party, and really good at having a party. On the New Year's day, a big high school soccur game is broadcasted on TV. Yuki, Yuki's elder brother like to watch it. After the game is finished we come back to Utunomiya from Tokyo.