Monday, January 21, 2013

It was sunny

Since last snow, one week has passed. Today it was sunny though it was cold. (And at night it got colder.)
Last week the Donto-yaki festivals at shrines finished. Last year's good luck charms and talismans  were burnt at the event. It was the final event of new year's ceremonies.
I changed the  entrance hall decoration from the New Year's one into the Valentine's day.

In Japan, most Japanese think " we are in the middle class". I think in Japan there is not such a clear difference between rich and poor, though it seems to be getting clearer.
But sometimes I feel a slight difference.
This weekend we had  lunch at a good restaurant. Most of the  people who were there were groups of women or middle aged couples. It is a kind of gourmet restaurant.  

We didn't have coffee there, but we wanted to have coffee, so after that we went to a bakery where they serve coffee for free and they have an eat-in corner.. The bakery was crowded with lots of families.
We bought some bread for the next day's breakfast, and had coffee.
After that we went to listen to a string quartet.
The concert hall is a private concert hall. Most of  the audience were in their 50's, 60's, or 70's.
After that we bought some cuisine  at an Italian restaurant which was crowded with  middle aged couples.

Each place seems to have suitable for a particular generation, or kind of   customers. I'm not sure which class we are in, anyway sometimes we enjoy expensive things and sometimes we have to save. It's difficult to juggle it.


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