Monday, January 14, 2013

It's snowing

Now it's already evening, but it's still snowing. I'm eating hot sweet red beans soup for a snack.(I know some foreigner don't like it.)


Well, we have consecutive holidays, unfortunately today's weather is really bad.
Yuki went to work, his car has snow tires, so it's OK.
My car doesn't have snow tires yet,  but I had to out to work in the morning. The road was like sherbet, fortunately it didn't freeze, so I managed to come back here safely.

Tomorrow in the morning a meeting is going to be held, but --- I don't know whether I'll go out. Do I need to call a taxi? Or the meeting may be cancelled because it's not a job meeting.

Last Friday my friend and I went to HATSUICHI which means literally the first fair. There were many food stalls, flower stalls and DARUMA stalls. At HATSUICHI , DARUMA is sold, so the another name of HATSUICHI is DARUMA-ichi.

DARUMA is a doll made of paper and usually painted red. (These days there are various color's DARUMA.) It is a roly-poly, and is said to invite fortune.
We went there at lunch time, so we ate hot SENBEI-soup.
Anyway today's weather is really bad. Yuki called me a few minutes ago saying "I'll try to go home as fast as I possible". But I don't know whether he'll come back earlier than usual. Anyway I'll cook something for dinner of two of us.


Lucy said...

I like your blog ^_^. It's snowing here in England too. The snow causes much disruption, but it also creates some beautiful scenery :). I hope you and your family stay safe and warm - Lucy

Mieko said...

Lucy, Thanks for your visiting and leaving your comments. This weekend we have a nice weekend, without snowing. Accroding to the weather report we might have snow again this week. Actaully watching snow is fun, but walking or drivng in the snow is--- a hard job.