Friday, January 11, 2013


Since usual days started, four days has alreday passed.
Today at noon I'm going to go to a small festival near the station. It is called "HATSUICHI", that means the first festival. Actually it is the first festival in this year. There are many or some stalls along the street. There flowers and DARUMA which is a kind of lucky doll are sold.

This Monday I went to a post office to save money with this can. ( In Japan post offices also have a role as a bank.)

Can you guess how much is it in the can? I'll tell you later.
I usually keep our household accounts once a week. At that time I also check my purse.(Here in Japan coins are more common than credit cards.) And I put all coins into the can, though I keep bills.
This year I saved 38010yen (currently 1$ costs 80 yen.)

Yuki and I had counted them before I went there. It was 38000yen.
According automatic counting machine in the post office, it was 38010 yen, Lucky me.
I save half of them ,and we'll go to a fancy restaurant using the rest of them.

Do you do such a miserly saving? ( Is it a right way to use a word miserly?)

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Anonymous said...

Miserly has a negative meaning..."she was very miserly (stingy) when she served the rice." Better word for your coin savings might be "modest." Strangely, we have a coin counting machine in the grocery store near our home. The other day I saw a young man there with a huge bucket of many that the manager didn't know what to do. I would be curious how much paper money he received for his coins. Jan