Thursday, January 24, 2013


Now it's past one p.m. What did you eat for lunch. I ate the rest of our breakfast.
In one hour a little girl will come to take my lesson.

According to the weather report today, it would have snowed. Actually early in the morning it snowed a little, but all of snowflakes melted. It's sunny again.

Last Tuesday my friend and I drove to NIKKO to a log house used as a cafe. My friend, Eiko-san is really interested in log houses. She lives in a good house, but she seems to build a log house or have a log house built, of course with a wood stove. The live with a wood stove is a good example to have "slow life" in Japan.

And the cafe opened last year, a senior couple (I think they are still in their 50's) started to enjoy? their retired life. Putting on a fire in a wood stove in early morning is the husband's job. Baking bread in early morning is the wife's job. Sometimes I think if I could run own own cafe with a mustic studio. But looking at real jobs, it feels to be difficult.

Eiko-san and I are the same age. She is the first friend since I came to Utsunomiya, it means We have know each other more than 25 years.
Last year she took early retirement. So we can meet often, at least these days once or twice a month we meet each other. What we talk about is always our "senior" life. I'm happy to have such a friend to talk our life.

Well, at the first lesson, we'll practice an English play. It's time to prepare for the lesson.

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