Monday, February 11, 2013

Flower Festival

At Romantic village  Flower Festival is held for three days. Yuki and I went there.
February is a month of Valentine's Day. So many flowers are arranged to celebrate Valentine's Day.
Do you know this city is " a little bit" known as a city of cocktail? Because some bartenders have often won prizes at a world cocktail contest. To advertise this city these flowers are put in a huge cocktail grass.
It was interesting that flowers are in  a kaleidoscope.
At the event Utsunomiya's mascot characters were there.
One is TOCHIMARU-kun. (TOCHI comes from TOCHIGI prefecture, MARU, and KUN means a boy.)

The other boy is KENTA-kun, of course he is a GYOZA boy. GYOZA (pot stickers) is famous and popular in our city of UTSUNOMIYA.

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