Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tomomi's exhibition

Tomomi's (she is my elder daughter) personal exhibition is going to be held  2/22 - 2/26 in Tokyo.
It is a wonderful thing. Anyway she is continuing her way as a paper artist. Her main job is an assistant at an art college. It's an annual contract, and fortunately the contract has been renewed one more year.
While she works at the college, she has a workplace to make works.
Watching the challenges of young people is fun, on the other hand watching it without guarantee as a mother gives me anxiety. If we were rich we could support her more. -- I know supporting too much is not good for her.

Anyway holding such an exhibition is wonderful. My mother will go with someone almost every day during the exhibition. Two of my friends will manage to go to Tokyo to see it from Utsunomiya.

The purpose of this exhibitions is not to sell works. I don't know whether she put a price tag on her works. The main purpose is to win the art world's acclaim. It is the first step as a paper artist.

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