Monday, March 25, 2013

Calm Sunday

How was your weekend? I had a calm Sunday.

Here in Japan cherry blossoms finally started to bloom. Some people might think that why Japanese people are so excited blooming cherry blossoms. Anyway we love seeing cherry blossoms.

Sunday afternoon, I went to an art museum.
At the art museum, an exhibition of MINIMAL was hold. Do you know the word MINIMAL? It seems to be a shorten word of minimal art. There were not only pictures but also 3D-works. I really enjoyed.

After that I dropped by KARAKU where I play the piano once a month. I'm really happy to have such a familiar tea-room. I talked with the owner for a while.

At night we invited our neighbor, and had a YAKINIKU party ( kind of  barbecue inside of the house). These days we seldom have a chance to have YAKINIKU at home, because there are two members in my house. So We had a good time.
And we ate too much, So this morning we had a light breakfast. But it was a little interesting. Can you see two yolks? These are not two eggs, there are too yolks in an egg. We got special eggs.

A new week has started. Have a nice week!

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