Monday, March 11, 2013

East Timor -1-

Do you know the country of East Timor? It is the first country to be independent in 21st century.
 The group consisting of about 44 members came to Tochigi prefecture to visit affected areas from the big earthquake which occurred two years ago through the Foreign Minster international program. Northern Tochigi was affected by the big earthquake, and now mostly they were rebuilt. They learned  how to rebuild their farm, shops, houses, and factories, and what measures are taken against earthquakes since then. And to experience a real Japanese life, a home stay program was organized for the last three days.

Two ladies came to stay with us at our house.
Fortunately they loved our sticky rice.

They stayed in Japan for ten days, and for the first 7 days they had no fun time. This home stay for the last three days was their fun time.
 In East Timor they have two seasons , which are the rainy season and the dry season.
Now in  Tochigi, we are still in winter. It means we can see snow when we go to northern Tochigi.
So we went to YUNISHIGAWA, which takes one and half hours  by car from here.


KAMAKURA festival was held there. Can you see snow houses like igloos? We call them KAMAKURA. "KAMAKURA" is a snow house, about 2 meters square. The Kamakura tradition dates back over 400 years when small snow houses were made for the Gods and filled with food and Sake, which shelters an altar dedicated to the God.

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