Monday, March 11, 2013

East Timor -2-

After visiting YUNUSHIGAWA, we went  to NIKKO which is one of the  World Heritage sites. Have you ever been to NIKKO? or have you ever heard about NIKKO?
We visited TOSHYOUGU in NIKKO.
This is YOUMEIMON, the most elaborated gate with white poles, which has been mainteined for about 400 years.

This is called "Sleeping cat", which is a symbol of peace.
We  walked there for around one hour.

Well,, do you know what is the most major product in East Timor?
It is coffee. We got coffee from them.
The last day of their stay in Tochigi, a farewell party was held, and they made a presentation. Before coming to Japan, they had thought Japan would have been affected by radioation first and it caused Tsunami. And now they understood, first a big earthquake affected us, and Tsunami occurred and gave IWATE a lot of damage. On the other hand in FUKUSHIMA, because of the earthquake an atomic power station was affected. Unfortunately still now  it is prohibited to get in within 20 km of power station. But the food in the marketplace is safe, because the level of radiation in the food is checked.

Unfortunately many tourist spots and food in Japan have been hit by harmful rumors. We are really happy for their coming without fear of harmful rumors.

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