Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Extreme Sports

The other day I read this book at an intensive reading meeting.
Do you know extreme sports? What extreme sports do you know?
Such sports are introduced in this book; aerial ballet, aggressive in-line skating, BASE jumping, BMX bike riding, canyoning, cave diving, hang gliding, snowboarding, street luge, wake boarding, zorbing.
I know some names, but I thought some of them are just just fun things not sports.
Have you tried any of these sports?

Anyway a common thread is "danger" (or you can say excitment).
I found an interesting report.
Do you know the word T-type personality?

Ts tend to be extroverted and creative, and crave novel experiences and excitement. Most of this type seems to be a man. It seems to be related to Y chromosome. Ts have more of an enzyme which makes themselves excited.

I also found another interesting report. We can be able to classified into 19 types. Which type are you?
Well, in Japan we love to classify people according to blood type. My blood type is O, so it is said the O blood person is easygoing.
Additionaly many people love holocope. When we open a magagine or newspaper, we can easily know how our luck is today.

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