Wednesday, April 17, 2013

being dedicated to our parents

After a long  time I baked bread with a bread machine. I could wake up surrounding by a good fresh bread smell.
In today's news paper the tragedy in Boston was reported. What a sad story it was! A 8-year-old boy who came to cheer for his father was involved and killed. What a sad father he was!  He cannot stop grieving for his boy's death. And the boy must have been dedicated to his parents to come and cheer.
Recently I learnt the word filial. I don't know how to use it exactly. But in Japanese being filial to our parents is OYA KOUKOU. We love the word.
In today's advice column of the newspaper was about being filial. The adviser said to  a woman who is in her 70's, and is really worried about her daughter in her 40's, "you enjoy your own life. You need not to be involved in your daughter's life. Showing your happiness of living by yourself is the last thing you can do to show your love to your daughter. After parents pass away is the time when kids show their appreciation to their parents."

Actually, seeing my mother and my mother-in-law who are living actively and happily makes me relieved and happy. On the other hand I often want my daughters to come back  home. If we lived together again, many troubles probably would happen.  But I want to go out somewhere with them though I don't often go out with my mother or my  mother-in-law. Anyway a ten-day holiday is just around the corner. I'll go to meet my mother and my mother-in-law. Because I'm filial to my mothers.

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