Monday, April 08, 2013

Cherry blossoms

This year cherry blossoms started to bloom earlier than usual. Though they has started to fall, we could enjoy seeing cherry blossoms last Sunday.

Can you see the tree? It's a weeping cherry tree.
The interesting thing is the place. It's in the center of the ground of a elementary school.

The day we visited a small festival was held. It was fun.
This tree is called KOUSHI-zakura. Zakura means Sakura, cherry blossoms. KOUSHI means being filial, or  a devoted kid.
It has a folk story. Once upon a time a sick father and a son managed to live together. The father had knew his life would be not so long. There was a cherry tree by their house.It was winter. He wanted to see cherry blossoms before he died. So the sun wished strongly if the tree could bloom. One warm winter day, the tree bloomed, and on the day the father passed away. So the tree was named after the devoted son.
In the backyard KATAKURIs were blooming. Do you know the flower of KATAKURI?

We used to get starch from the stalk of this flower, so in Japanese starch is called KATAKURI powder. Now it's difficult to get from them, so starch is mainly made from potatoes or sweet potatoes.
On the way home we dropped by a private home which was opened just for two days.
There was a BUDA statue in a wonderful garden.
It' was a wonderful weekend. Now a new week has started. let's enjoy this week.

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