Friday, April 05, 2013

Dinner with our neighbor

The other day Yuki and I had dinner with our neighbor Mr.M &Ms.M in our house.
I don't know whether you believe or not, it was the first time to have dinner with four of us. Ms.M and I sometimes have a tea together at each house or at a cafe. But for Mr.M it was the first to eat something at our house.

Probably not so many Japanese people have dinner with neighbors together. Do you often have dinner with your neighbors?
Why we invite our neighbor?
We got a lot of meat from my friend who lives in Sendai. The meat was brand meet called SENDAI beef. It seemed to be difficult to eat all of them up with Yuki and me, and it was delivered on frozen condition so that it was difficult to  cut and share them with my friends.

We had a really good time with Mr. & Ms. M.
Did I tell you? I have been caught with empty nest syndrome a little. But fortunately I have lots of friends. And Yuki is also making friends through playing golf and playing the guitar apart from colleagues.
But we also want common friends. I know some Yuki's friends, but from them I'm Yuki's wife, and Yuki know some my friends, but he is Mieko's husband. We want have common friends directly. So We were really happy to talk with Mr. & Ms. M.
If we have common friends, our senior world will be more fun.

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