Thursday, April 11, 2013


Have you ever get a massage at a company or clinic?
Last fall I had a bad neck ache. I went to a bone-setter instead of an orthopaedic. A few years ago, I also had a bad one, at that time I went to an orthopaedic, but there I got some cold compress, painkiller, and got electric cure with warm heat. So this time I went to a bone-setter. Since then I go there once a week.
There I get 15 minute massage with finger pressure and kind of chiropractic, 15 minute electric cure and 15 minute riding on a whole body rolling machine.
These things are kind of treatment, so I can use my health insurance. So it's reasonable.

In Japan there are various massage styles, such as Thai massage using oil and aroma, Korean massage using something, acupuncture, and so on. I sometimes (once or twice every six monthr) get  an one hour chiropractic massage which comes from America, though it is expensive because it's not a health insurance treatment. The chiropractic massage makes my body soft and stretched with pain. I like it, it means massage without pain makes me feel short on fun.

The other day I went to bone-setter. There I met one of my friend. The bone-setter was so crowded that we had enough time to talk together. Going to clinic with high fever is not fun, but going to bone-setter  is fun if I have a time. Until summer comes I seem to need to go to bone-setter.

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