Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

How did you spend yesterday "Mother's day"?
I called my mother, and Yuki called his mother. On the other hand I got a bowl of flower from my younger daughter, and got a call from my elder daughter (She said later she'll send something.)

Yesterday it was a really warm day. Though it's Mother's day, Yuki went playing golf. (It's OK, because I'm not her mother.) In the morning I did some chores and made some reports. To tell the truth I've wanted to go to an event which was held outside, but I'm not confident of my health condition. (I'm still suffering dizziness a little.) So I gave up to join it.

After having a quick lunch by my self, reading a book, and attended a meeting. The meeting is usually held once a month organized by a young lady. She is really active, so when I'm available, I join it to meet her. Some new members also joined the meeting. I like the meeting, because everybody is always active and cheerful. Usually the members are younger than me and have a job. Yesterday two homemakers came. These days I sometimes feel inferior being a homemaker without a regular job (including raising children), when I attend a meeting with young members. So thanks for two homemakers, I could relax at the meeting.

When I came home, Yuki already came home. He didn't have a bad score (it means not so good score.) I cooked SARA-UDON for dinner. And we watched TV. We had a really relaxingSunday.

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