Monday, May 27, 2013


How was your weekend? Not so bad. I've been suffering from a little dizziness, but it's OK. The medicine works well. Last week I didn't drive. (It's difficult to live in this area without a car.) I had to cancel one meeting. Anyway I could give all lessons to my students at home.
Two friends visited me in different days with sweets. Talking with friends forgot my dizziness, and I could refresh.
Both of them are in the same generation, it means they are in their 50's.
One of them is a housewife. She moved to Utsunomiya about four or five years ago. She seems to get used to Utsunomiya's life these days. She seems to enjoy her life with lots hobbies. Her family has to move a lot due to her husband's job. On the other hand fortunately or unfortunately her husband's parents live here, and they are getting old, so she starts to think to settl down in this place. If she decides to settle down here, I'm really happy. (It means Yuki and I also consider this place to settle down, even though our mothers and daughters live in Tokyo.)
Another friend came from the next prefecture. She is also an English teacher. She started the job as a a kind of hobby like me. But now she had to work because of this business depression. This spring she put in lots of money to advertise to get new students. Fortunately the advertizing worked, this spring she got about 20 new students. ( On the other hand I didn't have new students this spring.)
She decided to keep working until she is 65.
Actually I also want to keep this job as a part of senior life. In my case, I want to offer my house as the place where senior people get together and enjoy English.
Anyway I talked with each other about our senior life.
Well, well, talking about senior life, I feel, the life in my 60's is just around the corner. 
On the other hand, though I talked with my younger daughter who is 23, she seems that her life in her 30's is far away. I envy her !!!

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