Monday, June 03, 2013


A new week has started. According to the weather report, we are in the rainy season. Fortunately today it's sunny. So I can hang out the laundry. Well the other day I talked with a Filipino woman. In the Philippines, they also have the rainy season. But mainly it squalls. In Japan it drizzles all day long.

How was your weekend?
On Saturday I attended a one-day lecture. They are nursery school teachers. The theme was child care to nurture the mind. I'm not a nursery school teacher, so I might have been an unusual participant. I volunteer at nursery school so I got this information.
However, the lecture was wonderful, I wish this lecture had been open for parents and adults.

In the lecture, of course, it was focused on children. Mainly the subject was  the word of children, but it must be applied to adults as well.

Children always try to get something with a positive attitude. So they find out something new every day. It's sometimes fun for them, sometimes difficult to accept it for them. However through enjoying fun and getting over the difficultites, they bring themselves up.

Well, we think about ourselves.
Adults tend to choose the fixed way (does it make sense?) or not to like change. So it's difficult to find out something new. However if we try to find out something new, even though it is not fun, the attitude makes us positive.  -- and I think it is the best way to keep from being senile.

On the day Yuki and I ate out dinner --- YAKINIKU.


Anonymous said...

Mieko, it should be "fixed way." But, in some cases children, too, are resistance to change. For example, when substitute teachers go into a young students' classroom, they quickly learn..."But, that's not how Miss Jones does it!" LOL However, it doesn't take as much convincing to that age to try something new as it does to adults! I think that's why people continue to live in unsavory conditions in their homes, or in areas that are ravaged with tornados (such as we are having in the Midwest right now), or even stay in unhealthy relationships (husbands physically abusing their wives, for example.) To make it better requires a change...and no matter what the circumstances, some people just cannot face the uncertainty of change. Jan

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comments Jan.
Some people who are in a really bad situation might not have enough energy to act something to change themselves and surroudnings. They just let their lives be.