Thursday, June 27, 2013

two cafes

I love to go to a cafe. Having a lunch by myself at a restaurant is a little bit hesitating, but I love sitting by myself at a cafe, and it's more if the cafe is run by a woman owner.

The other day after doing an English volunteer activity, I dropped by a cafe which is run by a woman who is in her 30's. She opened the cafe two years ago. All of thing is managed only by her self. She serves lunch and sweets as a weekly special.
This week's special was pork saute. And the sweet was flan cake.

She uses Fireking's cups. I love the green cup.

Another day I dropped another cafe which owner is also a woman. The owner is in her 50's like me. She opened the cafe last year. I don't know how her life was before, but her dream was to have her cafe. She always serves warm quiche as an appetizer.

On the day I ordered a scone set. Of course the scones and jam are made by her.

 These two owners are really kind and soft character, and the meals are also mild and looks kind.

I can't afford to eat out lunch so often, but having lunch at their cafes makes me relunx, and gives me a glaceful time.

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