Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday again

 Last week what was I doing?
On Monday I met a friend and talked about our summer vacation.
On Tuesday I met another friend and went out to see a sunflower garden.
On Wednesday I had lessons all day long.
On Thursday  a person from my head office came to watch my class.
On Friday ???? what did I do? In the morning I went to workout, and my lesson started at 4. For the three hours What was I doing? Was I taking a nap?
And On Saturday I attended an event all day long as a volunteer.
And yesterday in the morning I vacuumed the rooms and in the afternoon I attend Toast Master's meeting.
And I cooked dinner sincerely.

The other day I talked with a friend who is in her 30's and married but has no children.
I mourned saying "I'm lonely".
It doesn't mean I want my daughter to come back to my house. But anyway I'm lonely.
She suggested I find out what part of myself I like, I try to like myself without considering or comparing with other people.
(Does it make sense?)  Her suggestion was really interesting to me.

I forgot what I was thinking when I was in 20's. Probably I was busy in working, and I was satisfied with myself dedicating to work. It means it was fun to be evaluated my Carrier by someone.
Since I had children, I was busy in bringing them up. It means being with children was all my life and pleasure, though at that time I didn't notice it.
So as she told me, now it is the time to consider myself.

Can you answer if you ask what part of yourself do you like?

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