Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer vacation -1-

Yuki's and my summer vacation finished.
(Well, today it's Sunday and it's a usual holiday. Yuki went to play golf. In the morning I cleaned the rooms for the fist time in a week. Now I'm getting together my memories of my summer vacation.)

 We got 9 days summer vacation including two weekends.
The biggest thing in this summer vacation for us is to buy bating suits.We had not swum for more than 10 years. It means since our daughters were able to go to swim by themselves we hadn't gone to pool.
This summer, it has being too hot. And these days Yuki's is concerning his beer belly. So we decided to go to a "indoor" pool. I don't like to get sunshine. Before going to a pool we had to buy our bathing suits.

I was really surprised that how devolved these days bathing suits are!.
Usual bathing suits (bikini style, one-piece style) still remain, but it seems that a training style is main to swim a indoor pool.
It's really comfortable and easy to hide my body shape.
My thought about bating suits was really out-of-date.

Actually I didn't like to see myself with a bating suits, so when I wore it, I wore a T-shirt and short pants. But now they are not needed. I like my new bathing suit.
And to be surprised, I didn't forget how to swim. I "could" swim well.
I prefer breast stroke to crawl. I'm not good at doing flutter kicks.

The firs two days of our summer vacation, we enjoyed shopping and swimming.

Oh, I almost forgot.
We had a wonderful dinner at a beef restaurant with our friend.

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