Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer vacation -4-

This weekend we are spending as a usual weekend, though I cleaned the house.
We saw this DVD, Tuesday with Morrie. It was really interesting.
After we watched it, I clicked on my PC to buy this book. It's a no fiction story and a best seller book, isn't it? Of course we are going to buy a Japanese version book. After reading it , I might buy an ordinal English book.  Why Morrie can spend his last life so active? He must have been really happy to have such a wonderful student.
When I got much older, will I have such a student? Before thinking about my students. will my daughters often visit us? (Though we just visit our parents a several times a year.)

And we went to this place.Can you guess what this brochure is? This is a shop brochure which opened a few days ago near my house.
It is a massage shop.
It costs from 3000 yen (30 dollars) to 3500 yen a hour. Compared usual massage shops, it's cheaper. These days massage shops are competing, and the cost is decreasing. I thought cheap massage shop may not be good, but anyway  we tried.
Not so bad. I go to a massage shop a few times a year. It costs about 4500 yen. This shop is not so bad, so I can take a massage more at this shop.

Well, well, from tomorrow my usual days will start.
I could a wonderful summer vacation thank to Yuki.

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