Monday, August 19, 2013

Usual Monday

Usual days have started.
I got up at 6, and cooked breakfast. Today's main was sauteed pork and KUSHINSAI-leaves.
After breakfast, Yuki went to work, I started clean the rooms, hanged the laundry out, and I weeded.
When I was weeding, my next-door neighbor was also weeding. She picked and gave these fresh vegetables to me. Thanks Ms.M.
Well, well, how do I cook them?
I'll pickle tomatoes. Have you pickled tomatoes?
These days I like to pickle vegetables. I make the liquid to pickle with honey.

According to my schedule, I "have to go" to workout to keep up the momentum. (I learned this phrase recently from Jan. Is it a correct sentence?)
But weeding and talking outside made me tired. For a while I need to take a rest inside. So I'm writing this blog.

In the afternoon, I'm going to go to a dentist, then I'll meet a friend at a cafe. In the evening another neighbor will come.

Though today I have no lessons, fortunately I can talk many people. So I have no time to feel loneliness though I have lunch and dinner by myself.

Well, well, I have to go to workout.


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