Wednesday, September 25, 2013

a tall story

If you've visited my house, you immediatly understand that this story is my tall story.

Well, let me tell you  recently changed my new life style.
Finally I bought Roomba which is automatic vacuum cleaner. It made me free from one of my house chores, that is every day cleaning.
However, to use Roomba I needed a lot of effort.
It was DAN-SYA-RI. DAN means to decline to get things, SYA means to throw away unnecessary things, and RI means to separate from clinging to your things. This idea comes from Yoga spirit.
I'll introduce how I did DAN-SYA-RI.
At first I started from my daughter's old rooms. It was easy, because they took away their necessary things, so all the things which are left  in the rooms are unnecessary thing for them, though they are nostalgic to us and have full memories. Good bye to the memories. it was done.
Next I started Yuki's room. It was a little bit difficult, because he uses the room and what I wanted to throw away and what he agreed to throw away were different, but we have the same gole which is to use Roomba. So I discarded a shelf with lots of junk goods for computers. 20 years ago one of his hobbies was to make a computer, but now he can't catch upwith technology. And I scrapped another shelf with lots of out-of-date audio machies such as  a record player, VCR.
Let's move on!
The next is our living room. It used to be used as a meeting room for our family, but now it is used for guests. So we don't need a book case, TV. I discarded them. The necessary thing is a sofa and a table for senior people who have weak legs.
Well let me go to the final and the most difficult stage. It's our dinning and kitchen. I cleaned this room, while I was putting things to one side.  So I have to discard all of  the things to introduce Roomba.
Now I don't make lunch boxes for my daughters so don't need a big rice cooker. When I want to drink coffee, I'll make a coffee with drip paper. Now there are two members in my house, so it's inexpensive to buy 100% juice than to make juice with juicer. I discarded a trolley table. I checked another shelf. What a lot of machines there were. Yuki and I are getting old, so we don't eat grilled meat so often, it means we don't need electric roaster. Now we don't make rice cakes, so don't need rice cake machine. TAKOYAKI-machine, HOTSAND-machine, and Grilled rice ball machine are also unnecessary. I discarded another shelf.  I also checned a cupboard. We don't need so many dishes such as big plates. I discard a lots of plates and mugs. I made it. Now in the kitchen, the only things are left, which are a sink, a fridge, a table and four chairs, and a small cupboard.

Roomba cleans the rooms when I'm going out.
So when I'm at home, I have lots of free time. What am I doing? I don't have TV. Thanks to DANSYARI, I'm not interested in clicking AMAZON site on the PC.
So I took in YOGA sprit. It means I put a YOGA mat on the floor, and I meditate while I'm thinking what I'll tell about at the next Toast Master Meeting.


Anonymous said...

Please give us an update on your new robot house-cleaner. Do you like it?

Mieko said...

Thank you for your comment. But ---please read the title.